BEG Group LLC is a manufacturer of biobased content as medium aimed at protecting the environment.

4" Phalanx Bio Switch Chinking™


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PBS Switch Chinking™ is used as wedge material partnered with standard environmental erosion/filtration sock helping to retain sediments and contaminants such as heavy metals, tannic acids and volatile organic compounds such as arsenic from passing under the standard sock. PBS Switch Chinking™ is a combination of all-natural biodegradable erosion sock filled with 100% weed free switchgrass. The product will decompose into elements found in nature in a reasonably short period of time. (PBS Switch Chinking™ has a field longevity warranty of 4-6 months pending acts of God).

PBS Switch Chinking™ is a white cotton sock that has been ASTM D5035-11 tested for breaking force.

The potential for PBS Switch Chinking™ to benefit the environment at a cost effective rate and do so as a sustainable resource is exceptional. Visual results indicate that PBS Switch Chinking™ is a beneficial nutrient source for vegetation, greatly increases porosity of soils, reestablishes beneficial biological colonies in compacted soil, and is an effective erosion and sediment control for runoff in storm water. There is no need to ever go back to remove this product because it completely decomposes into nature!