BEG Group LLC is a manufacturer of biobased content as medium aimed at protecting the environment.


BEG Group LLC offers the first plant-based erosion/filtration medium product on the market. Our Phalanx Bio Switch® , winner of a national environmental award for groundwater and soil for 2017, is the original switchgrass medium to be nationally certified as a 100% biobased/biopreferred erosion/filtration product by the USDA Biopreferred Program . Our The Big Switch® erosion/filtration medium, is the first ever switchgrass product to be called out as highly qualified and exceptionally valued for use on highly sensitive environmental projects by Pa DEP and PennDOT. The Big Switch® is now approved in other states including West Virginia and Ohio. Our latest offering, PBS Switch Chinking®, has won a national environmental protection award for groundwater and soil for 2018 and is PA DEP statewide approved as of 9-5-2018. Phalanx Bio Switch®  and PBS Switch Chinking® warrant a field longevity of 3 months before they begin to degrade while The Big Switch® has a field longevity past one year. BEG Group is the 2018 Excellence in Environmental Stewardship award winner within the NE U.S. Oil and Gas industry! As of May 2018, BEG Group products are approved statewide by the Ohio EPA and an ODOT vendor as of February 2019.


Construction and Development - EPA promulgated the Construction and Development Effluent Guidelines and Standards (40 CFR Part 450) in 2009 and amended the regulations in 2014 and 2015. The regulations cover stormwater discharges from construction sites and are implemented in NPDES permits.
Pipeline Construction and Development - Erosion/Filtration Medium are a common Best Management Practice (BMP) approach on linear pipeline projects especially along landowner property or where slopes are extremely long and steep.
Conservation Sediment and Erosion Control - Until a project site is stabilized, all erosion and sedimentation controls must be maintained properly. Maintenance should include inspections of all erosion and sedimentation controls on a weekly basis and after each runoff event. All preventative and remedial maintenance work should be performed immediately.

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