BEG Group LLC is a manufacturer of biobased content as medium aimed at protecting the environment.

18" Phalanx Bio- Switch®


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Big Switch®/Phalanx Bio Switch® Erosion-Filtration Medium are generally placed along the perimeter of a site, or at intervals along a slope, to capture and treat storm water that runs off as sheet flow. Big Switch®/Phalanx Bio Switch® Erosion-Filtration Medium are flexible and can be easily moved into position, making them especially useful on steep or rocky slopes where installation of other erosion control tools is not feasible. With Big Switch®/Phalanx Bio Switch® Erosion-Filtration Medium there is greater surface area contact with soil than typical sediment control devices, thereby reducing the potential for runoff to create rills under the device and/or create channels carrying unfiltered sediment.

Additionally, they can be laid adjacent to each other, perpendicular to storm water flow, to reduce flow velocity and soil erosion. Big Switch®/Phalanx Bio Switch® Erosion-Filtration Medium can also be used on pavement as inlet protection for storm drains and to slow water flow in small ditches. Big Switch®/Phalanx Bio Switch™ Erosion-Filtration Medium are sold in 8, 12, 18, and 24 inches in diameter. PBS Switch Chinking is sold in 4-inch diameter.

Special order 4-inch PBS Switch Chinking and 8-inch Big Switch®/Phalanx Bio Switch® Erosion-Filtration Medium pricing is offered upon request.

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Disclaimer: The information given above is specific to BEG Group’s manufactured product only. Beg Group’s compaction/density calculations, biodegradable fabric used and per lineal foot amount of switchgrass supercharged into the fabric will most likely be different when a similar product may be offered from any other manufacturer. As with any environmental erosion control plan, actual project field performance is critical and will be monitored by Local, State and Federal inspectors so proper install protocol must be used. BEG Group LLC is to be held harmless concerning where the product is used, how it is used and how it is installed. Specifically, BEG Group only assures the quality of the manufactured product.